Things You Can Do To Save Turtles

Turtles are water body reptiles that have a hard shell back that help them be safe from enemies. These creatures are mostly found in sea whereby they enjoy the habitat theirs as home. Human activities do determine well on the existence of these turtles in a particular region. There are many activities that are done in the sea by human beings that even some can affect the existence of these turtles. In order for us to keep turtle kingdom safer, there are some precautions that should be carried out so as to keep them alive.

In order to keep turtles safe in the sea, it is good to avoid disposing of garbage in the sea. This is mostly done on beach whereby individuals visit the beach, have fun and even some eat than at the end dump the wastes to the sea. Sea turtles are mostly affected by this garbage since some may take the garbage that might be dangerous leading to death. Also, some products may have chemicals that will kill them.

Also, it is good to keep a distance from areas where turtles live. The main reason for this is that one can be tempted to touch them and this can distract female turtles from hatching hence leading to reduced population. Also, young turtles are delicate to deal with and one may easily them without knowing.

Industries and human activities should be kept into consideration when it comes to turtle habitat. Majority of industries dispose chemicals to the sea that seriously affect turtles and even other water bodies present in the region. It can be a good practice to reduce the number of chemicals used in the sea so as to allow the existence of turtles in their habitat. Through this, it will help to keep turtle kingdom for the next generations.

While on a beach and especially at night, it is good to turn off the lights that can mislead turtles from the sea to dry places that consequently is dangerous to their survival. This is done so since turtles depend mostly on the moonlight that directs them well. Therefore, when one uses other light, it might misdirect them leading them to dangers.

Lastly, volunteers should take some precautions in case they choose to help turtles. Individuals can come to form a group so as to save turtle kingdom. The main aspect to consider is on the best measures to use in carrying out the exercise. This is by reducing the use of plastics, avoid chemicals like detergents, use tools that will not harm them and lastly, at least they should carry the exercise with experts so as to take the correct precautions that keep turtles alive. If there is a competition on what waste is the most harmful to turtles, the clear winner would be the plastic straw.

In conclusion, turtles are delicate to handle and it calls for full human support so as to keep them existing. For individuals that love turtles, it better to use the best-required methods so as to avoid risking lives of turtles. Through all the mentioned practices, it can help us keep turtles over one generation to the other.