Patients Using Hydroxybutyrate Are Turtle Lovers

Humanity has always struggled with diseases. Hundreds of years ago, during the middle ages, the plague almost wiped away the population of Europe. We, as a species, have come a long way forward since. Medical advancements in all fields have brought down the mortality rate to minimum levels. People today can enjoy healthier and longer lives.

However, there’s one disease that we haven’t quite been able to counter yet. I am talking about cancer. Basically, cancer is a disease where the unhindered growth of cells causes the formation of a tumor in the body. This tumor can start growing anywhere. Depending on where it is, it can be very hard to remove and cure the patient. Cancer in its later stages can be devastating. That’s because tumors start sprouting up in multiple places.

Cancer has a huge impact on not just the person affected, but his family members as well. It wrecks an entire family at once. This is because cancer is a terminal disease which is very difficult to battle in most cases. The knowledge that their loved one won’t survive causes trauma to the patient’s friends and family.

However, there appears to be new hope for cancer patients. Recent developments in the field of medicine have reduced the impact of cancer to a great degree. These new medications can extend a person’s lifespan by a few years and give them more time to live. One of these new medicines is Hydroxybutyrate. Check Beta-Hydroxybutyrate benefits and the use of Hydroxybutyrate for cancer patients is a new and exciting field. The chemical shows a lot of promise. It’s been quite effective in fighting against cancer. What’s really amazing about it is that the list of side-effects for it is much shorter than compared to other cancer medications. The chemical is actually a naturally occurring substance that is produced during nutritional ketosis that happens as a result of fasting. This means that the substance is widely available as well, making it more accessible.

Another kind of drug which shows a lot of promise is the Limitless NZT-48: is it real?  The movie “Limitless” toyed with the idea of a pill that could give one superhuman capability and introduced the concept to wide audiences. While such pills do exist in real life, they’re nowhere near as powerful as shown in the movie. However, they are still quite potent and improve brain activity by a good margin.

In exact terms, what is the limitless pill? Limitless pills are basically Nootropic substances which enhance brain activity. They improve productivity in everyday tasks and make it easier for a person to complete challenging mental workloads without getting too tired or losing concentration.

A good example of such a pill is Nuvigil. The drug is FDA approved and commonly prescribed to air traffic controllers. The pill works by boosting dopamine production in the brain. This makes one feel more happy and energetic. The drug improves mental capabilities by stimulating the mind with joy and excitement. It makes it easier to focus on tasks and can improve productivity.

Another cognitive enhancer that can be thought of as a real-life limitless pill is Modafinil. Using this drug can improve one’s focus and work ethic and can make them feel more exuberant. It makes you smarter by elevating your motivation levels.