Our Services

Save the Baby Turtles

This program provides support for crucial turtle nesting beaches. Through Save the Baby Turtles, we’ve been able to save over 2 million hatchlings.

Too Endangered to be Worn

This campaign against endangered species like sea turtles will only be effective when we tackle all the possible causes. Therefore, Too Endangered to be Worn is a campaign against the demand for turtle shell products.

Environmental Awareness

Our Environmental Awareness program allows communities and individuals to create awareness about their environments.

Conservation Trips

Through our conservation trips, we provide financial support and volunteers for our conservation efforts. Our school programs also help students and teachers learn how incredible sea turtles and other marine wildlife are and how best to protect them.

Coastal Exploration Policy

Based on Pet Turtle’s almost two decades of sea turtle conservation experience, we aim to create a policy focused on improving marine turtles’ survival outlook in New York.

Educational Enlightenment

We founded our educational program in 2008 to engage and research issues that affect marine wildlife like sea turtles.