How to Make A Fund Raising Website for Cancer Patients with Their Pet Turtles

The only way to have the attention of a worldwide market is through the internet. The internet is just a communication tool, the website matters a lot when it comes to running an online fundraising campaign. Non-Profit Organizations admit that getting sponsors for your event is not a walk in the park; you need to prove yourself the need and urgency of the matter at hand- for this case cancer.

Cancer is a malignancy health challenge that requires global effort in improving the access to affordable treatment. In every household, the name cancer cannot miss out. To get global attention ensure your fundraising website have the following features to increase the chance of surpassing your target in donations:

  • Audiovisual content

Why not have cancer patients on the website that need help, and even the beneficiaries for viewers to have a practical outlook on the call for action. I will believe what I see rather than a theoretical blog with no supportive videos and images. In the world full of dishonesty, a reliable sponsor may think twice about giving his support on a site with no proof of work and existence. Someone may not have a clear picture of what cancer is all about, but the image alone brings a change of heart.

  • Testimonials

Are you starting? If no, what are some of the testimonies as a proof of your work? What differentiate you with a conman out to swindle peoples’ hard-earned cash? Videos and writing to prove this come in handy.

  • Online payment integrations

Just like a marketing automation tool, do not leave room for someone to think, this leads to a change in mind after wider consultations, after all, he never planned for you. Integrate universal online payment systems to cater for people who already want to make their donation. As you do this, assure your visitors on the security of their details. If possible, have terms and conditions page to safeguard you from legal battles.

  • Social media forums

Allow sponsors and donors to interact, never underrate the power of their influence through their social networks. A sharing facility on social media networks can have a huge impact; it could be a trusted fundraising blogger, whose influence will lead to huge traffic to the site hence success for the fundraising activities on the site. You can also make outsourcing in Vietnam and plan your marketing strategies.

  • Categorization

Does your website cater to “small and big” sponsors? Have a category of sponsors and campaigners who act as your ambassadors for your fundraising activity. Use a cancer survivor as a brand ambassador through the audiovisual content; it will have a huge impact. Despite all the information, use them as a backlink such that the home page of the site is not cluttered with information making a visitor confused. The fact that he has visited it shows he has an interest in making a donation, make it simple. In case he requires additional information, he has a catchy title to the features above as a link to direct them to the landing pages. Never forget to attach a marketing automation tool to the site to help capture contacts and acknowledge their presence on the site.