5 ways to care for your pet turtle

Did you know that turtles can live up to 40 years? If you’re new to owning a turtle, it’s important that you learn how to care for them properly.

Here are 5 ways to provide the best care for your pet turtle:

1) Make sure they have plenty of water in their tank or pond at all times. You should also change their water every day and clean the filter regularly. 


2) Feed them a nutritious diet consisting of protein, vegetables, and fruit twice daily. Be sure not to feed them any food from the kitchen counter as this may contain harmful bacteria.


3) Provide hiding places so they feel safe when resting or basking in direct sunlight during hot days.


4) Keep the enclosure clean on a regular basis by scrubbing it down with soapy water and using gravel cleaner if necessary;


5) Take your turtle outside every week – this will help them maintain healthy bones.