Sea Turtle Experiments

Before any theory gets into the market, it must first pass through a rigorous experiment to make sure that all the ideologies are fixed. It is in science where you have to have proved of everything otherwise the entire work may not be documented. Sea turtles are animals which behave like humans, instead of using humans for an experiment, it is better to use an animal such that if the experiment can be fatal, there is no big loss. This does not mean that sea turtles are fewer animals. Between a sea turtle and a human being which one is ideal for trial and error experiments? Of course, turtles.

There are many experiments one can take using with sea turtles. It could be to prove some science or just the way of life for this animals. For example, all these information we get o the web about sea turtles has been proved. They are not just theories, someone took time and just made sure that all the experiments are done and documented. What are some of these experiments?

These experiments take time before the results are out. The scientists have to make sure that they mark the specific sea turtles in which they wish to mate at the same time monitor their movements up to the time they hatch. This is a tedious way of experimenting. Some scientists get creative in using props for this experiment like using pingpong balls and rubber to disguise as turtle eggs. You must have the right skills event make sure that this is a male and female turtle for the mating purposes. Some of the findings for this include the turtles only hatch in specific heights, in relation to the direction of slope as well as in a moderate light intensity and also in relation to the direction of the slope.

Mating is a natural process that happens in any animal. This is always an activity which happens in secret hence even the film must exercise caution lest you interfere. This is the time a drone comes in handy to this aid. This is filming underwater which means that you must also take caution of the same.

Way of life
The culture of turtles is also an experiment that a scientist may wish to undertake. It means that you take your time to make sure that you can always have time to monitor their movement and their social interaction. The first thing Ito get to know where they are found. The question one is, is it that this is a process that you must be underwater for all that time? Of course, no You use the available technological tools to make sure that you can still film the activities at the comfort of your home.

Underwater filmers can relate to this activity and tell you that this is not a walk in the park. All in all, all the experiments need a lot of perseverance and patience. Before you make a conclusion, you have given up any times. you have failed and also you might have given up but if this is your work, you must be up to the challenge. Sea turtles are fun to experiment, as long you have the right tools of the trade.